Super shot from the wedding tonight.

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Re: Super shot from the wedding tonight.

marcio_napoli wrote:

Hi Neil,

Please take my words with a ton of salt, as it's very late here, and I'm tired.

And I rarely shoot a wedding, done that, maybe, 3 times in my life ?

But have you considered that maybe the "real photographers" that you refer to, are too tired doing that same thing (shooting a wedding) for the 9.873.172 time, that they don't feel the need to reinvent the wheel?

They just stay where they feel it's safe to guarantee the shots they need, no more, no less.

No need to be extra creative. No need at all. Just take shots they're 100% sure the clients will be happy for what they've paid, and let's go home.

Maybe they know pretty well what is needed, have you considered things from this pov?

Then all I can say is that he's in the wrong profession. Unless you try to "re-invent the wheel", then surely what he does becomes a chore. Both the photographer and the customer suffer as a result. I'm not saying that every assignment has to be creative, but that that's something I'd hope everyone strives for.

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