Epson 3880 sudden compete single color stoppage

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Re: Vernon...

Petruska wrote:

The ones I have used in the past look as though they will purge a 6 or 8 color printer but are actually composite colors and not unique to just the cartridge color.

I agree that these images do not exercise a single colour, especially the 128, 128, 128. Printing this on my 3800, with no colour management, used the following proportions of various colours:

LK        37%

LLK      19%

M         1%

LC        16%

LM        24%

Y          3%

I think if the OP tries to use the 128, 128, 128 to diagnose his LK problems he could get very confused. As far as I know the only way to print a single channel is to use a RIP. QuadToneRIP does the job very nicely for many Epson printers and is shareware to boot.

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