Cone pigment versus Cone dye ink....

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Re: Cone pigment versus Cone dye ink....

I can answer that! As I have a PRO3800 and a R2400 currently running on these K3 Dye inks.

The R2400 is printing using the Matte Black cart. As you may know the R2200 R2400 and R2880 use 9 colors but only have 8 cart positions so you physically swop the MK or PK carts when you are printing on Matte / Art or Gloss - Luster - Satin papers.

The PZRO 3800 is currently being used for other than matte papers and currently being profiled for many Gloss - Luster - Satin papers paper types. Every few months I will switch to either PK or MK to make sure I keep the "PIPES" flowing.

So far I have created R2400 profiles only for Staples Double Sided Matte and the results are very good. I am getting super results with great blacks, color saturation where needed and subleties where they exist in the images. I created a "Job" in Qimage with 12 very different images covering a wide gamut of image situations from Graphic vector art, landsacapes, people, flowers, water / ocean and when I viewed the Kirkland or Epson Premium Glossy print equivalents, they seem to be a very good match for color, saturation, contrast.

As you may have expereinced with some dye ink sets, you may get a good bright color with a good deep black ( D-Max ) but the minute you suitch to a matte paper, your colors mute and your blacks tend to not be as deep due to the fact that PK dye is just not "Black" enough for some matte papers, giving you the appearance of a duller less contrasty image.

This dye K3 set comes with a MK equivalent which as far as I have been able to discern is simply a very deep versin of the PK color. So it does a very good job at preserving the deep blacks that you would normally get in a glossy print but normally loose when switching to Matte.

Now the only thing that puzzles me is that this set claims to be compatible with both K3 non Vivid Magenta and K3 Vivid Magenta Epson printers. so if you are using it on the R2880 ( I am currently running OCP K3 VM inks  on it ) , PRO 3880 or R3000 as my friend Bob is doing, and it does an admirable job. I would categorize it as an outstanding job. BUT it also does an equally great job on NON VM K3 Printers like the R2400 and even though it does not say so, I would guess that it would also work on an R2200 as well.

Also for you R1900 / R2000 people. They also carry  dye inks for those two printers as well.

I will be placing a second order quite soon!


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