What's all this about Ken Rockwell?

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Ken Rockwell is belittled by some small-minded people only because he has the courage of having strong positions on what he likes and what he does not like on various products. It does not mean that you have to agree to all he says, it means that he gives his own points of view based on his own experience.

More, Ken Rockwell expresses his enthusiasm of photography and provides a wealth of photographic information written by an expert (Ken Rockwell), all for free, on his web site at http://www.kenrockwell.com/

More, Ken Rockwell is a great guy in many ways. A great father, an engineer who knows what he talks about, and an enthusiastic photographer. What not to like about Ken Rockwell?

That he has his own sense of humor is fine too. That he has his own strong positions on many things related to photography is also fine too. It is better to read someone's strong points of view and make your own points of view than having someone without his own points of view!!

Visit Ken Rockwelll's web site and click on his web site links. After all, he provides free information and he should be encouraged to update his web site with new information.

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