The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Two things are getting mixed up.

First of all, the topic started with the scratches. These scratches may or may not cause debri on the sensor/mirror (or get trapped in the mirror mechanism). If so, this devri may be more dangerous when wet cleaning, because it may cause more damage than regular dust.

The other thing that comes onto the discussion is oil anddust. Even without the scratches there are complaints about dust and oil. YMMV. And you may or may not be willing to clean it time and after time. Pro or no pro.

I'm not concerned about the dust and oil. I'm concerned about the scratches. It's either a poor paint job leading to more paint coming off, or it's a mechanical issue that is likely to cause more damage. Either way, this is not something to happen in a 2000 euro camera. Maybe some people are less sensitive to such sums of money, but I refuse to accept it. Period.

I measured the width of the scratch on my camera. I was almost 8 mm wide. That is hardly something to neglect. There is no other choise than to send it in.

What has been said above, about Nikon solving the issue, those are my thoughts too. Nikon Japan will never admit there is a real issue. And if they do anything, they will do a silent repair with or without a lasting success. The good thing is, if it happens again, I will get my money back.

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