Cone pigment versus Cone dye ink....

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Re: Cone pigment versus Cone dye ink....

Petruska wrote:

In case anyone is interested Cone brought out a cheap cost "dye" ink version of the Cone pigment compatible Epson K3 vivid magenta ink set.

The cost for Epson OEM ink is approximately $1 per mL, Cone pigment is 20 cents (15 cents when on sale) per mL. The Cone dye ink is 8 cents per mL. Both Cone inks are resin mico-encapsulated for superb gloss.

I shoot weddings and it's nothing to have 200-300 proofs for the bride to review, I print 10 proofs per 8.5 x 11 sheet so that 20-30 sheets. The dye inks match the pigments almost identically and the proofs usually get tossed in the end. Thus the dye ink lowers the cost of prints substantially and represents what the final pigment prints will look like.

I print the Cone dye in my Epson R2880 and the Cone pigment in the R3000.

Bob P.

Hi Bob,

To my knowledge it is not possible to resin coat dye molecules, as resin molecules are much larger in size than dye molecules. Resin is basically a polymerisation reaction of many smaller molecules into a large molecular shield. For pigment particles this makes sens, as the these particles are gigantlcally larger compared to dye molecules. Could you explain this to me ?

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