damn you sony, damn you. firs shot with the d600

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Re: damn you sony, damn you. firs shot with the d600

kevindar wrote: The d600 is very customizable. it has some nice things like better implementation of auto iso, by allowing you to set the min shutter speed at a wide range. there is faster access to some of the things for a landscape shooter, like bracketing, mirror lockup (which in days of live view is inconsequential), etc. That much said, I am used to ergonomics of 5d3, and far more comfortable with it.

That changes quite fast. I'm still dual system, but the D800 is what I pick up most of the time. I never reversed all the controls to run Canon-wise (which you can, if you wish) but that one doesn't seem too much of an issue. I took the Canon out yesterday, and already I find that my shutter finger is moving down to the control wheel rather than up, my thumb goes up, rather than down and the long drag from the back panel wheel to the focus button seems inconvenient compared with the quick movement sideways. That, and I kept on leaving the back wheel locked. So, I'd say on the whole, when it comes to comfort, I'm more comfortable with the Nikon UI now, to the point of wondering who was it at Canon who ever thought that back wheel was a good idea.

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