Electronic Viewfinder - Drop Rear Screen?

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Re: Electronic Viewfinder - Drop Rear Screen?

cfgphoto wrote:

I have just posted this thread at the Luminous Landscape forum but thought I'd put it here too, just see what the reaction was from a different group of users, if any.

After using my NEX-7 for nearly a year, I now find that I really don't use the rear screen at all. That's got me wondering about a change in design for cameras with electronic viewfinders. Everything needed can be seen in the viewfinder, so why not get rid of the rear screen? It would save space and reduce the complexity of the electronics and software.

After all, the rear LCD came about because there was no way to reviews setting or images when the camera had an optical viewfinder or no viewfinder. Now that the optical viewfinder is gone, why have two systems? OK, it's sometimes easier to read the menus on the rear LCD and maybe using live view on a tripod is easier that way, but I can't think of anything that it's essential for.

A camera like the RX100 with an optical viewfinder instead of the screen, manual zooming and maybe with a larger sensor looks like a great idea to me.

Geoff Bryant


I've said a few times in here that I never use the rear LCD, never. But there are so many that do and the shots are darn good. So its a personal thing. If the 7 didn't have a rear LCD, I still would have bought it, but many in here simply wouldn't and I understand that completely.

All the best and just a purely personal thing and how we shoot and use a camera. Thank goodness we are all different and they did put one on.


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