Let's talk tripods...

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Think about what you need ...

Take a while thinking about for what you are going to use the tripod, and what equipment you are likely to buy in the future. And what you are willing to carry around.

1. IF yu are hiking a lot, the weight may be an issue - so the lighter the better ( to some point).

2. But if you are not likely to shoot with longer times than (let's say) 1 / 60s, a good monopod might be the best way to go.

3. If you are going to buy lenses with more weight, the heavier tripod and better head is what you need.

4. If you are interested in macro shooting, may that be the most important issue. Or if you are more interested in studio-kind of work...

5. Remember: a good tripod will serve you decades.

So, after that thinking, (and some decades) I have ended up to have four tripods, two monopods and some lighting tripods... I have also thrown away 3 full-used tripods - don't buy the cheapest one.

1 tripod (a table top) for macro / travel / table / shoulder support ( Slik MiniPro with a small Manfrotto ballhead). Always in the bag.

1 Manfrotto #55 aluminium with "normal" head 3-way movements... Served for 30 years now... All-rounder, but  on the heavy side. Stays mostly at home nowadays, but still useful. Backup.

1 Manfrotto 028B with a large video head; Usually waiting for the moment... For the heavy lenses (1000mm), height ( 2m+), wind... I do't want to carry that monster around unless I have to. Got it used for a good price.

1 Benro with a Manfrotto ballhead with a panorama head. Main tripod. Able to carry stuff up to 8 kg (+). Carbon - light (?) enough, good for avoiding fibrations... Not the smallest one, but for what I use it to, good enough. I won't take it to aeroplanes, anyway. A bit lighter might have done the job, though.

1 light monopod ( Leki hiking stick with a small ballhead) - works nice in the forests and hikes as a monopod.

1 heavier monopod for shorter walks and when a sturdier one is needed.


'The best camera in the world is the one you have with you when you need it'

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