Qv1.1 + DA 55-300 handheld at 300mm

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Re: Qv1.1 + DA 55-300 handheld at 300mm

Hi Geoff,

Thanks for your generous comments.

I'm pretty used to handholding long glass with a DSLR as I shoot birds primarily, but I find the Q SR might actually make it easier, with the added advantage of lighter weight gear.  Usually I found that lighter weight caused more problems as the added mass allowed greater stability . . . of course up to the point where fatigue would wipe out any benefits.

Using the hood not only gives me a better view of the LCD. It allows me to brace the camera against my head. I use the basic principles of match rifle shooting to hand hold my cameras with long lenses.

There are a lot of Red Dot sights available. Pentax even makes one, and some users have found that it's really a good one. Sighting it in exactly isn't really necessary. All it has to do is be close enough to get the subject in the viewfinder. This one's set up for my DSLRs, and is sighted about a foot high at the distances I was shooting here. I just held the dot over the birds I was shooting, and once part of the bird was visible in the VF, then it had done its job. At this FL EQ and distance, it also helped me to prefocus the lens using the distance scale. When something is  over a foot or two out of focus, it's really an indistinguishable blob, so if the focus plane starts out close, it makes it easier to find the subject.

Good luck in your attempts at this. It's difficult at first, but Focus Peaking does make it a lot easier. Don't get discouraged, it's really worth taking some time to get the techniques down.


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