IQ difference between 1Ds II and 1Ds III ?

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Re: IQ difference between 1Ds II and 1Ds III ?

geenoz wrote:

Hello Ron I would love to know how you did the re-cell for the 1DSII camera. Im pretty handy with an soldering Iron. Do you have a step-by step on how to do this . Thanks , and btw I still love my 1DS II and dont want to give it up just yet.



Just pull apart the battery case after first removing the two small screws that hold the catch mechanism on. I have done this but frankly it is more cost effective to buy third party ones already made up. It is a lot of messing around for no gain (IMO). Although if you have genuine knackered Canon batteries now, it is best to remove the catch mechanism from these and put them on any new third party ones you buy. The catch mechanisms on the third party ones are usually inferior quality but the internals are fine. I purchased two batteries from ebay for around £30 and after swapping the catch mechanisms they are great and the charge lasts forever.

On the wider question of whether the swap to mk3 is worth it, we have plenty of reliable views in this post from folk who have had or have both. It seems equally divided between whether there is a material difference in IQ at low ISO. Who's right? I guess it comes down to personal IQ threshold.

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