Lens suggestions: Nepal and India Holiday

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This is what I would do. Buy the 12-35 2.8, take the Panasonic 25 1.4 and olympus 1.8. IF you can buy the Panasonic 45-200

The next option is take the lenses you have and buy the 35-100 2.8. It would make a bit more sense unless you need the fast aperture lens and then I would sell the 12-50 zoom.

Third, buy the Panasonic 7-14 which would cover tight quarters better than even the 12-35. Add the 45-200 zoom thats about $250. You can buy both the 7-14 & 45-200 for what the 12-35 cost.

If you did this then it would be 7-14, 12-50, 45-200 & 25 1.4.

Of course you have all in one options like the 14-140 range but when I was looking I never got great feed back from the forum so I opted at the time for the 14-45 & 45-200 Panasonic combo.

Last, do a google search for India & or Nepal vacations, sometimes people post on Youtube and if so you'll get a great visualization of what the area is. I am sure lots of still photos exist too on line.

You are suggesting that he take a couple of thousand dollars worth of lenses to Nepal and India? It has always been my belief that unles one is making a living off his/her photo's, one should not travel with any more equipment than they are willing to have get lost, stolen or broken. Tedolph

Nope, not my suggestion at all. I agree with you you have to ask the question how much it will hurt financially to replace anything.

The easiest and if I was really concerned I would take Two p&s cameras. I would take my Canon G12 or get the new G15 and my waterproof p&s which is an Olympus TG-1.

If you want to keep it simple so far as replacement from potential theft or loss then for me the 14-45, 45-200 if you need the reach. Take a fast 25 1.4 or 20 1.7.

At the same time its advisable to insure camera gear for full replacement regardless of a vacation. Its frustrating that one may have nice gear, but I don't want to be afraid to use it. Of course if I was concerned about a camera getting stolen I personally would not go to a location if India or Nepal fall into this category. If you are concerned about personal property what will happen to you personally. I don't need to see the World that bad.

that you looked into insurance for cameras but it is expensive. An E-pl1 with the 17mm and 40-150mm lenses is about the cost of the insurance. Tedolph

I don't know what kind of policy you are referring to, but there is affordable coverage available if you have a homeowner's or renter's policy.  We have a 'floater' for some of our more expensive items, and the cost is about $13 for every $1000 of all-risk coverage - which is pretty cheap peace of mind.

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