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Re: AF active Area and AE Metering question

Mac McCreery wrote:

aroundtokyo wrote:

Recently I was asked to do a review of bus ride, which I will do on Monday. The bus ride is a double-decker thing that tourists ride and enjoy watching the sites of a city.

I`ve actually done this once before, but a different course to the one I will do next week and also with a point and shoot compact. However, this will be the first time I do it with a DSLR (i.e. Pentax K-30).

The bus at times will be moving at fairly high speed on freeways etc, and at other times it will be moving at very sedate speeds. As I`m not really a pro yet, I`m quite worried about the camera focusing correctly, especially when the bus is moving quickly.

For AF Active area which would be better: 5 AF points, 11 AF points or spot? I`m thinking spot might be the best, but would like a second opinion.

Similar question about AE metering: multi-segment, center-weighted or spot?

Any thoughts or ideas would be really appreciated

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I live in Tokyo, one of the greatest cities in the world

Multi segment metering should be fine but you may need to dial in some exposure compensation if you are faced with very bright skies and dark foregrounds. I don't own a K30 but I understand that is is good for recovering shadows in post processing.

As for focus, that will depend on whether you are focusing (pardon the joke) on the passengers or the scenes. I guess that you will want to do both in which case aperture control is possibly more important so that you can vary your depth of field. A compact, because of the samll sensor, will have a huge depth of field. With the K30 you can select passengers with a wider aperture, or take in the whole scene with a smaller aperture. Using the centre focus point and reframing if necessary should give you more creative freedom.

By the way, spot and centre weighted metering have their place, try them out!


Thanks for the advice Mac.

The whole thing is just what is outside the bus, the sights of the city.  No need to take any shots of people on the bus, as it will only be me, the driver and definitely one, possibly two other people.

Thanks again for your help!

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I live in Tokyo, one of the greatest cities in the world

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