The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

Prairie Pal wrote:

Nikonfan99 wrote:

Now I honestly think the pros are the ones that respond here with things like "clean your sensor big deal". Most of them have been using cameras that are dust prone so this is nothing new to them. Also to me this camera is paid for in one event and I usually change cameras every 1-2 years so by the time this issue is fixed fully it will be time to upgrade again.

Just so I understand you correctly let me ask you to answer this truthfully.

  1. Suppose you owned and were about to use the D600 and you were aware of its spotting issue, would you check and clean the sensor before each job?
  2. Would you be happy with cleaning/rechecking/cleaning/rechecking before you start that job?
  3. During the job would you feel the need to take a precaution by chimping for spots on your sensor, and if you saw spots appearing on the face or other critical areas would you stop and go through the whole cleaning routine again while the client waited?
  4. How much time do you think is reasonable to spend patching a spot where it falls on a difficult texture?
  5. Why are you so passionate to minimize discussion about this problem? How do you or anyone else benefit from keeping the truth from people who definately do not wish to be continously cleaning and spotting and who appreciate the opportunity to navigtate away from such issues? EDIT...I should add that I think these "issue" threads contain alot of unsubstantiated rumors and rearfull speculation and we should stick to only well documented facts and pictures.

1. I actually always check my equipment prior to a shoot. This is what most pros do. I have now had this camera for over a month and still have the same three spots that showed up. Only one spot shows up below f16 and is very faint at f5 and shows up in a solid light colored spot top left only. I just did a 300 image shoot and the spot could not be found under the closest inspection. Camera is at 900+ shots and still same three spots.

2. I don’t think that this is to this extent. You clean the sensor and check as I often did even with my d7000 which is a dust/oil magnet. That has dust too you know but as a wedding photographer I am usually shooting 2.8-f8 and using a b+w ND filters when it is really bright out and to add contrast so it drops my F stop anyway.

3. I think as a pro you would not ask this question. What would be on your sensor as a pro to make you stop a shoot? A DIME SIZE SPOT?

4.Well first off I have 1 spot that is of any concern and that has already proven not to show up on skin and that is before it is even cleaned. Secondly as a wedding pro, I spend more time fixing bad skin and yellow teeth/eyes on the shots that matter that one spot that is not even a concern is no issue to me.

5.Well I am actually fascinated with some peoples concerns with this issue. I honestly feel that this camera is the first semi affordable FF camera and that is bringing a whole new crowd of people to the scene and with this crowd comes people that don’t know or understand full frame or this issue. You are dealing with a bigger sensor and probably a whole new design put into a d7000 body. The issue of dust is something that a lot of pros have dealt with for a long time and when you move from a d40, d60, d80 or d90 to a d600, you are going to a different system and need to understand that it comes with new ways of technique and care. How people think this is a new issue is beyond me. I can take a photo at this exact moment with my d7000 and d600 and you could see spots in the same exact area.... Upper left. D7000 has 4 spots 1 really dark. The D600 has 3 really dark. Read up on the D3 and D300... you will see same thing. I think people read these forums and go from shooting with a great camera and feeling great to shooting walls and sky and looking for scratches. This trend of worry is what is of concern. Pros either are going to buy this camera and make the best of it or not. Advanced users moving to this camera are going to buy it and need this adjustment period to accept how nikon has been doing things for a long time. This is nothing new...NOTHING NEW. Issues come up and they fix it on some and not on others and the fix is often not long term. These forums are full of people finding faults and issues and that is okay but how many came as a moment of "hey what is wrong here?" and how many came from “I read about left focus issue...lets see if I have this” or “I know my shots look good but lets see it at f16 like they talk about on these forums”. Do you know how many people have been shooting with Nikon dslrs but because they are at or around f5 most of the time, they never know about dust issues? I just spent 1 hour in penn camera today talking with my camera guy and we discussed this issue and he brought up how people show up in the store with a list of printed serial numbers from these types of forums and want him to bring out D800 after D800 looking for one that supposedly matches the ones with no left AF issue. This has not been proven to be tied to one specific serial number. He says they will sometime return the camera saying they found the same issue. Some are chronic buy and return people. He said do some cameras have issues? YES but people come in looking for issues and will pick on things that even the in store tech tries to show them is fine and they cant replicate in a image for them. It is a syndrome and not normal. At what point do you start enjoying your camera and at what point do you keep returning and shipping cameras to nikon for dust and expect a full fix? History says I am right in how nikon takes care of dust issues. I have been shooting nikon from the film days and trust me the customer no service is real but they always come thru with amazing images. Now if you are a PRO landscape photographer and live at f16 and the sky is your main subject and you hate touching up images, by all means buy something else but know and I promise you one day you will need to fork out to have a person clean the sensor or learn to clean it.

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