damn you sony, damn you. firs shot with the d600

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Re: damn you sony, damn you. firs shot with the d600

Volksgti81 wrote:

Wow!!! It's as if you can literally shoot in the dark and still have a workable image. What Canon are you coming from? What would you say outside of sensor performance with the Nikon would you prefer over Canon? Hell of a shot by the way.

yeah, there is a lot of latitude in the shadows. It really allows you to expose for the highlights, and for many cases, obviate the need for a filter or bracketing.

I come from a 5d3.

The d600 is very customizable. it has some nice things like better implementation of auto iso, by allowing you to set the min shutter speed at a wide range.  there is faster access to some of the things for a landscape shooter, like bracketing, mirror lockup (which in days of live view is inconsequential), etc.  That much said, I am used to ergonomics of 5d3, and far more comfortable with it.

Its not fair for me to compare the two, b/c with the exception of 14-24, I lack good glass for the nikon.  I really like the canon lens line up.  So far I would say the autofocusing of 5d3 seems to be clearly better.  Faster to focus, more accurate, better tracking. however, some of that is the function of the consumer Nikon lenses I am shooting.  All things considered, If canon was using this sensor in the 5d3, it would be the ideal camera for me in every conceivable way.

well I make the permanent switch?  I dont know yet. maybe I will buy the tamron 24-70 2.8 VC and go dual format for a while.

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