The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

Nikonfan99 wrote:

Now I honestly think the pros are the ones that respond here with things like "clean your sensor big deal". Most of them have been using cameras that are dust prone so this is nothing new to them. Also to me this camera is paid for in one event and I usually change cameras every 1-2 years so by the time this issue is fixed fully it will be time to upgrade again.

Just so I understand you correctly let me ask you to answer this truthfully.

  1. Suppose you owned and were about to use the D600 and you were aware of its spotting issue, would you check and clean the sensor before each job?
  2. Would you be happy with cleaning/rechecking/cleaning/rechecking before you start that job?
  3. During the job would you feel the need to take a precaution by chimping for spots on your sensor, and if you saw spots appearing on the face or other critical areas would you stop and go through the whole cleaning routine again while the client waited?
  4. How much time do you think is reasonable to spend patching a spot where it falls on a difficult texture?
  5. Why are you so passionate to minimize discussion about this problem? How do you or anyone else benefit from keeping the truth from people who definately do not wish to be continously cleaning and spotting and who appreciate the opportunity to navigtate away from such issues?  EDIT...I should add that I think these "issue" threads contain alot of unsubstantiated rumors and rearfull speculation and we should stick to only well documented facts and pictures.
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