X100: 2 months on, still waiting for Q menu

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Re: X100: 2 months on, still waiting for Q menu

I really like the Q menu on my X Pro 1, and was a little worried about how I may feel without it on the X100. I've been carrying one around for a few days though and I don't miss it too much yet, though it did take me a bit to get my settings down. I use the Raw button to change shooting presets (wish there were more than 3) and the FN button to activate the ND filter.

Auto ISO 3200 is great with the minimum shutter speed setting, and the camera lets me get out of my own way really well. I wish there were more programmable buttons instead of a Q menu, but those can't be added by firmware, lol.

I've also been leaving DR on auto and am really happy with the way the X100 handles it.

The bad thing is that this X100 isn't staying with me long as it needs to go to Fuji to repair a few issues. I'm REALLY going to be sad to ship it off because it is so much fun. Maybe I'd feel different if my XE1 and zoom were here, and I do have my XP1 and 35/60 (as well as my non Fuji cameras), but I will be counting the days to get this camera back.

I wish they had a pro services option to send one out to me and have me send mine back to them until it is repaired and sent back.

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