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Re: Shutter Actuation Count Retrieval Procedure:
Now, for the OP: If you want to check your ACTUAL shutter count; follow the instructions here:

This should tell you what the shutter actuation count is in the actual camera memory, not the image numbering memory. Hopefully, this will be correct in your camera, and you simply have a numbering glitch in the image numbering.

Thank you!  I'm very relieved to know this and I will be able to provide an accurate count if/when I sell the camera.  I have saved those instructions.

The current count is 1,385, which sounds right.  The latest image file is _1010351.  This seems very odd.  Every digital camera I've ever owned, until now, had correct sequential file numbering that matched the internal counter (after all, where else would the next image number come from?).  Is this a Panasonic "feature"?

Other than this oddity I'm very pleased with the GH2.  My first m43 camera was an EPL-2 which I had for a year and which made me frequently mutter naughty words due to the extraordinarily poor ergonomics and menu system.  It's not a good sign when you're continually cursing your camera.  Selling it was the next-to-the-most-happy camera sale ever for me (the most-happy camera sale was a full-featured 4mg Casio some years ago that was cleverly designed to make everything as difficult as humanly possible).  The GH2 is a dream in comparison to the EPL-2.  I shot over 800 frames with it last week during a trip to Arizona and Utah, and never once had to menu dive.  Great camera.

Thanks again for your help.


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