The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

Prairie Pal wrote:

thejohnnerparty wrote:

With regard to this dust issue, it seems that something is going on with this camera that disconcerting to say the least. And, the problem appears to require regular attention to keep from spoiling photos. That is disappointing that we should have to be so attentive to the camera, but it begs the question: "Is the camera reliable and will it last a reasonable period of time?" If the answer to the question is yes, then can we live with the problem? ..... Your thoughts?

+1. That really is the question in a nutshell. There appears to be variation in the number of shots taken before the sensor once again has spots on it and also in the type and size of the spotting. I think the tolerance level of the users will be determinned by their application; socker dad, professional portrait and event photographer, or landscape artist etc., and their willingness to monitor and fix the spotting in post processing. Honestly I don't think anyone shooting professionally will touch the D600 until the problem is eliminated completely. Who wants to spend time monitoring and spotting images when they could be out making money instead. I may be wrong.

Thank-you for asking the question. I'm very interesting in hearing peoples honest opinions based on their own needs and expectations.

"Honestly I don't think anyone shooting professionally will touch the D600 until the problem is eliminated completely"

Prairie, I actually feel the complete opposite. I think most of the people that shoot professionally (like myself) are not upset to have to clean a sensor often and have already either became comfortable with doing it or will be more open to learning it. It is the people that shoot JPEG and don’t want to spend time in front of the computer editing (which we pros have to do already) that are more prone to complain.

As a pro this camera offers me:

-The benefit of having smaller files (less storage space required compared to the d800) is important when shooting a wedding (think 1000-1700 images per event)

-Has no left focus issue like the d800

-24 mega pix for cropping when needed

-Amazing DR

-Amazing high ISO for low light weddings

-FX that can use the old nikon glass

So all in all if you need this camera you will buy it and clean it if the need comes up.

Now I honestly think the pros are the ones that respond here with things like "clean your sensor big deal". Most of them have been using cameras that are dust prone so this is nothing new to them. Also to me this camera is paid for in one event and I usually change cameras every 1-2 years so by the time this issue is fixed fully it will be time to upgrade again.

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