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John Mason
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I like working with the negative

It's funny that the OP brought up what did people do before digital.  Well, if you're talking about photographers of most fine art work you see from the pre-digital era, we worked with our negatives which we developed ourselves and the printed them in our own darkrooms.

Shooting raw gives us the same and more options than we had in non-digital days.

I prefer raw to JPEG because, especially with these newer cameras, we have range of light not in the OOC jpeg for pulling up shadows or discovering cut-off highlights.  The JPEG output truncates these.  In raw we get to play with the 'edges' of the histogram without a downside.

Jpegs are very limited in this regard.
This is just like we might burn and dodge in the darkroom in the olden days to get more range of light that the negative contained to be in the final print.

It's the people that came up from the non-digital days that are most likely to prefer shooting in raw from the posts I've seen over the years.

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