Electronic Viewfinder - Drop Rear Screen?

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Re: No, disagree...

cfgphoto wrote:

iceccream wrote:

i don't think i will buy another camera without an articulated screen. in fact, 99% of my shots are taken with with the screen popped out, and shooting usually from the hip.

I take it that when you're shooting like that you're relying entirely on autofocus? Manually focusing on a precise area of the frame must be difficult when using the rear screen of a hand-held camera.

Absolutely not. When I use direct manual focus (DMF) then as soon as I touch a part of my screen or start manually focusing then the camera zooms in where I am focusing -- that zoom is perfect on the LCD fro me. With focus peaking, I can quickly see just how in focus the object is. AF gets me very close and then it's just a matter of a little tweak (e.g., to bring eyelashes into perfect focus). Like I noted I had a Nikon D70 for 7 years and I MUCH prefer the LCD for detailed focusing on the NEX.

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