Help me with a back up solution to my pictures library (iPhoto 11) before I have a big disc crash.

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Help me with a back up solution to my pictures library (iPhoto 11) before I have a big disc crash.


In another post, I was debating whether to get a new Mac mini or wait a couple of months for the new iMacs to appear. Well the Minister of Finance ie. spouse, vetoed the mac mini "to many wires around".

BTW: I'm not a pro, jusst a rabid photo hobbyist. I've been shooting digital since 2002 and never backed up my iPhoto Library except for Time Machine.

A forum member warned:

"More important than where you keep your "main" photo archive is if you have a backup (or two, or three). If that external hard disk is the only place where those 22,000 photos exist, you are one hard disk crash, lightning strike, or other catastrophe away from losing them all. I'd suggest getting a couple more external hard drives (maybe notebook-style externals), backing up those photos, and taking one of the two backup hard drives to an off-site storage location.--"

Since I ran out of HD space on my oldish Intel Core Duo iMac with original 500 GB internal HD,

I have about 22,000 photos stored on an external 2TB Western Digital My Studio (FW) HD. Seems to be working fine (knock of wood). That is where my iPhoto11 reside.

But now I'm worried that I've just been very lucky my WD HD that I keep my iPhoto 11 hasn't failed or crashed on me. I've done some very newbie stupid things like disconnecting the HD without following the Mac protocols because I absent mindedly forgot...and got that nasty warning notice about unplugging it without properly dismounting it first.

I do have an 2TB WD My Book (USB) connected and used as Time Machine and seems to be working fine.

My question is:

I have Time Machine. And, I was told by the guys at the Apple Store, that TM already backs up everything, including my iPhoto 11 Library stored on the external HD. Said "No need for another back up HD just for my photos."

He also said: if your worried then purchase another external HD, and simply go to my Library/Pictures folder and copy it over to the new HD.

So I'm asking the learned forum members here:

Do I really need to have another back up of my external HD that has my iPhoto 11?

Another forum member mentioned to use some third party software and clone everything, including everything on my iMac and external HD that contains my iPhoto Library to an external HD. Something easy to set up and run, like a program like Super Duper said it was the easiest for non-tech person like me. Said it can be set for incremental automatic back ups, or I could just plug it in on a weekly or monthy back up schedule at my choice.

What do you guys and gals recommend to do that?

A program like Super Duper that copies everything?

Or, just copy the Library/Pictures folder to another HD manually every month?

USB 2.0, USB 3.0 or Firewire connectivity? Right now I only have a unused Firewire port on the back of my iMac.  Apple CSR recommended a 2TB G Tech HD because it has USB 2.0, 3.0, Firewire, and eSata making it compatible to the new iMac's.

Sorry to be asking such a long and newbie question. I just want to make sure my pictures are around to move over to the future iMac in a few months.

Kind Regards.

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