Electronic Viewfinder - Drop Rear Screen?

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Re: No, disagree...

iceccream wrote:

i don't think i will buy another camera without an articulated screen. in fact, 99% of my shots are taken with with the screen popped out, and shooting usually from the hip.

I take it that when you're shooting like that you're relying entirely on autofocus? Manually focusing on a precise area of the frame must be difficult when using the rear screen of a hand-held camera.

Probably why I much prefer the viewfinder is that almost all of my shots are manually focused. Most of the time I use autofocus only to bring to put the scene generally in focus and then I tweak the focus manually. The viewfinder with focus magnification seems the best way to do this. (Some like focus peaking but it doesn't work well for me.) Maybe my technique is wrong but it seems to me that it simply isn't possible to see enough detail on the rear LCD to manually focus precisely when holding the camera at waist level  or arms length.

Geoff Bryant


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