Panny 12-35mm compared to Canon 17-55mm

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Re: Panny 12-35mm compared to Canon 17-55mm

RamblinR wrote:

Thanks for your reply.

That is my concern. If I get the 25 1.4 first and then the 12-35, will I still use the 25 after the purchase of the zoom.

I have read a couple of posts that mention that they don't use the 25 or 20 now that they have the 12-35.

I'm wondering if it wouldn't be best to go for the more expensive 12-35 and then see if I want the 25 for the speed after that.

Decisions, Decisions, Hmmmm

Ive recently sold the Nikon 17-55 f/2.8 but haven't had the Canon version. I'd say the 12-35 can compete with the Nikon optically. i have the Panny 25 as well and the 12-35 and the 25 fill two very different roles for me. The 12-35 is looking like it will do quite nicely as a portrait lens but for candid indoor shooting the extra two stops of the 25 is invaluable. I use flash often when shooting indoors and flash power goes a lot farther at f/1.4 than it does at f2.8 -

Panny 12-35

Panny 25 @f/1.4

Bounced flash - really dim interior lighting

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