16-50 vs. 18-55 with NEX 5N

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Re: re: indeed I think you're right - it should be stored in camera

I just repeated your experiment with Dimitri's RAW image, and, like you, am impressed with how easy it is to remove the distortion in ACR 7.2, and blown away by the fact that the image actually shows a wider field of view after cropping than before.  (How is that possible?)  Furthermore, I am very impressed by the sharpness of the image and the total absence of any noise in the sky.  Even at ISO 100 there is usually some noise in the blue sky pics from my 7D.  Thanks for your post which is indeed very reassuring about the NEX6/16-50 combo.  I'm looking for a smallish travel camera to supplement my 7D and collection of Canon lenses, but am reluctant to go smaller than an APS-C sensor or to give up some type of viewfinder.  Moreover, I have no desire to start a new lens collection or to accept an 18-55 zoom which makes the camera almost as big from back of camera to front of lens as it is wide.  Bottom line is if further testing of the lens continues to look as good, the 6 with the 16-50 will be my next camera.

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