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Re: Would like input as well

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I have a similar question actually for my own situation and would like to get everyone's thoughts here.

I have a D7000 with the Nikon 35mm 1.8G and a 55-200mm VR telephoto. I'm looking to get a wide angle lens for trips to Iceland, Australia and New Zealand over the next couple of months.

I'd like to know for trips with a lot of nature and landscapes, what would be the best option at a reasonable cost? I'm willing to pay up for a higher quality lens but it needs to be worth it. So far, I've narrowed it down to the following options:

Nikon 18-55 VR (buy the kit lens for $100), Nikon 12-24 (used ones on EBay are cheaper than the 10-24), Tokina 12-24, Tokina 11-16, and Nikon 10-24 (this seems like the worst value/performance)

Do you think getting the 24mm of a wide angle in exchange for losing 1-2mm on the wide end for the Tokina 11-16? Want to know what people's typical use case experiences are for wide angles. I've been using the 35mm lens 90% of the time - have yet to miss having a wider lens but I think it's worth having for my upcoming trips.

Prior to the D7000, I had a Canon Rebel t3i with the kit lenses previously - was not impressed with the canon 18-55 kit lens but I used it 80% of the time except when I went on a safari trip in Africa.

Also on the Nikon vs. Tokina debate - it seems like the one thing missing is firmware-based distortion control for the Tokina lenses - is it a big problem? I do have a copy of Lightroom but seems like there's no Tokina correction profiles there either.

Thanks for the input!

The problem with the Tokina 11-16 is more the lens flare and CA. Lensrentals also do not recommend it with the D7000, apparently due AF inaccuracy and error messages. The Nikkor 10-24 controls lens flare extremely well. I love the 10mm wide end of the 10-24, it is very good in the sweet spot at f5.6. If you are considering the 18-55 VR then also look at the 16-85, more expensive but a very good allrounder.

My 11-16 functions just fine with the D7000. No AF inaccuracy or error messages.

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