Ultra wide zoom for Canon Full Frame

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Re: Ultra wide zoom for Canon Full Frame

I have experience with two full frame ultra wides.

The first is the Canon 17-40 f/4 and the second, the Sigma 12-24 f/4.5-5.6 (there are two types: Type I and Type II).

The Sigma 12-24 Type II can be bought new for less than $1000 ($949 at B&H). I've had experience with both the Type I and Type II. Oddly, Sigma has given their Type I lens the "EX" designation making it one of their professional lenses which gives you a 10 year warranty. For some reason, Sigma did not give its Type II lens the "EX" designation and therefore the warranty is only 5 years. The Type II lens is also a little narrower in width, longer in length and lighter in weight and it renders corners a little bit sharper. However, the Type II is known to cause a little more distortion (which can be easily corrected in post processing). Other than that, there is not much difference between the two types. You can find used Type I lenses for very reasonable prices ($546 at KEH).

The Canon 17-40 is an "L" lens but it is the least expensive of all the "L's". B&H's price is $740. This lens is often available on the used market and can be bought for a couple hundred dollars less.

I used to have the Sigma 10-20 lens on my Canon 7D also. I loved what it was capable of and haven't been disappointed after the switch to the full frame ultra-wides. You'll find that the Sigma 12-24 is significantly wider than the Sigma 10-20.

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