How many shoot 3:2 with the m43 ??

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Re: How many shoot 3:2 with the m43 ??

Coming from a film background I find this a strange kind of question. If I were shooting film, I would just shoot, whether it was 36:24, 5:4, 6:7, or anything else. When I came to "post process" I would decide how to crop the image to achieve the effect that I wanted. Now I have  camera with a sensor format of 4:3. It seems pointless to me to throw away part of the image falling on the sensor just because I like some arbitrary aspect ratio, be it 3:2, 16:9, 1:1, 9.2:4.7 or anything else. I accept the whole received image and use the part that gives me the effect that I want.

If I want 3:2 I just select the 3:2 section from the 4:3 image that works best. If I want 1:1 I select that part. It doesn't matter which part I choose to use - it's all there in the 4:3 image anyway. Choosing a different format just throws away potentially good pixels. And please don't say I should "get it right in camera". If I set 3:2 in camera and then decide at the PP stage that I should have pointed the camera up/down by a couple of degrees I would kick myself for not recording the whole 4:3 image and getting the 3:2 section that really worked best.

I speak as someone who in the days of film just took the "sensor" format that the camera offered. I do the same with my 4:3 sensor.

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