Just cancelled my D600 order

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Re: Just cancelled my D600 order

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JMZ48 wrote:

Good advise, however at this point of time I'd suggest you to consider a little modified approach: seat and wait a while, about (3) month.

Since Nikon is going to anounce 16-85 F4 VRIII any time soon, and 70-200 F4 VRIII is already anounced.... why not to keep what you have till both new faster lenses are readily available and make move then...??? It will push you back to February... so what?

Get lens(es) first, then, maybe you find your existing camera to be good enough with this semi-pro lenses. You will not go wrong with new glass. Do not expect, as Mako said to see much improvement between D90 and D7000. Pic's quality will be very close.

Your other option will be just adding Nikon 16-85 F4, plus Tokina 11-16 F2.8 and keep 70-300. All together, the glass is more important then the body that includes some more gimick. In real life, if you can't take picture with D90, then you will not be able to take it with neither D7000 nor D600.

This would be my advice in general - but I would also suggest considering a slightly different option if you don't need all the bells and whistles of the D7000 (or its successor) but want good image quality in a more travel-friendly package - think about the D5100 or the D5200 to be announced on November 6th, just in time for Christmas. This camera will likely have a 24MP sensor, possibly the same as the D7000 followon if the D5100/D7000 pattern continues, but in a smaller body. If you're used to and are satisfied with the D90's 11-point AF, the D5100/D5200 will give you a noticeable step up in noise quality re: the D90, but Mako is right - at 200 and above, the IQ is very similiar. The big advantage of the newer sensors is that they give you one more stop of high ISO. If you stopped at ISO 800, you'll be able to go to 1600.

But the best thing to do as a step up is get faster, higher quality lenses.

If you don't have the coin, ok. But the 5200 will be very limited on AF, and the noise will be worse than the subsequent bodies w higher price tags. How much Af and how much iso can you afford ? ...and are willing to wait a few months for ?

Actually, I was suggesting that as a perfectly adequate travel body, the D5100 is well regarded, and since the D5200 is to be announced on Tuesday, I'd go for that if the extra bulk of the D90/7000 series does not justify the feature set it offers. Considering that the OP's present tool is a D90 and the D5100 uses the same AF system, the D5200 will be no worse, nor will the D5100; although if it comes out at 24MP, I'd be wanting AF fine tuning or some sort of hybrid AF system to minimize all the body-lens pairing problems that can prevent obtaining all of the performance that a 24MP (or 16MP) system can.  I frankly think that AF fine tuning or auto-tuning hybrid AF should be a standard feature of any SLR of today's resolutions.  But I'm almost certain that that's not in the offing for the D5200.

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