Epson says this about power on/off

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Re: Epson says this about power on/off

With my R3000, I leave it on.  If I don't use it for several hours it has turned it self off.

I am sure I could delve in the settings so it does not turn off, but can see no reason to.  I have left the printer unused for slightly over 3 weeks when I was away.  Turned it on and printed a photo which was fine.

Compared to my old Stylus Photo 810, which blocked if you left it more than a couple of days without printing, the R3000 is great in this respect.   I had been very dubious about getting another Epson because of this.  My experience of the R3000 is that Epson have got the clogging issue under control now as much as Canon and HP have.

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