Help!! PL 25mm or one of the new Pens?

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Re: Help!! PL 25mm or one of the new Pens?

Unless there is a specific reason to upgrade the body, go for the lens.

And since you need to ask the question, I would assume you are happy enough with the body before you would be considering a lens anyway. So lens it is.

As mentioned above, lenses are investments that will work through generations of cameras, and will also have far more of an impact on your photography - if you have a kit lens for example, the f1.4 aperture is going to open up far more possibilities than slightly cleaner images with fractionally better dr... So that lens is still going to be working in a few years giving those same possibilities with whatever bodies you acquire in the future where the new body will have been replaced.

Once you have a solid lens setup and don't really see any obvious upgrades, then I would look into putting your money into a new body.

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