12 Years of digital for me... what gear... precipitated your move to d800e...

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Re: 12 Years of digital for me... what gear... precipitated your move to d800e...

What a fun thread!

I began taking, developing, and printing my own B&W pictures in the mid '50s when I was six or seven years old. My dad taught me how, and on his way home from work he would stop by a drugstore that sold expired filim for 5 cents a roll and buy me some 120/620 film to play with using Kodak box cameras. I'll bet some of you remember winding the film in those cameras, and seeing a little hand with a pointing finger roll past behind a red lens in the back. My dad bought me supplies, developing tanks, paper, and an enlarger at Sears, which they sold under their own "Tower" brand. When I got a little older he would let me use his twin lens reflex, although I don't remember who made it.

Later, after college, I bought my first 35mm canera, a Canon FTB, and a few years after that, I switched to Nikon and bought an F2A, then a Nikkomat. In the '70's I bought a Canon Canonette, an exceptional little rangefinder, and then a Yashikamat twin lens reflex. After a while I jumped to 5x4, using a Toyo F Field Camera, a Toyo 45G for studio work, and a beautiful wooden Tachihara 4x5 field camera. My collection of 35mm Nikons and the 4x5s kept me occupied for almost two decades.

In the mid '90s I bought my first digital camera, a Konica Q Mini, which was about 3/4 of a megapixel. For all of its obvious lack of resolution, that camera was a beauty. It opened my eyes to the new world, and brought back he fun I had with film as a child. I had already been using PS 4.0, so I quickly became comfortable with digital photography. Next I bought a 3 Mpx Nikon Coolpix, which was a dissapointment. From there I switched to Sony Mavicas, which were suprizingly good. In fact, I still work on some of the pictures I took with those Mavicas. I stuck with Sony and bought a F707 which was not a bad camera, but not a great one either.

Next I fell in love with the Konica-Minolta A-2/A200. Those were great cameras, and were far ahead of their time. But when Nikon released the D200, I finally had a use for the closet full of Nikkor lenses I had been collecting since the '70s. The D200 lead to the D300, and that to the D3x, and I am sure that before the year is out I'll have a D800e.

That's my story.

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