Extraction challenge.

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Extraction challenge.

Extractions are one of the most difficult things to do in Photoshop. I was working on the attached image, and was surprised that it was more difficult than I thought. I ended up with a good extraction, but have to admit, it took much longer than I thought. I was using CS6 quick selection tool and refine edge

The challenge is to extract the egret, and place it on a black background.

Please give a detailed step by step description of the process you used, so that someone

can follow your instructions to the letter, and can duplicate your extraction.The idea here is to help others who have problems with extractions.

For instance --used quick selection tool

- refine edge.

smooth slider +5

feather slider +7

contrast slider +1

and so on.

I haven't posted my version and explanation yet as I don't remember every step exactly, but I will start over and record each step, tomorrow.

Hopefully some of the extraction experts will post their particular techniques. and I am sure each will attack this challenge differently.


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