The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: More or less my story too.

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After 660 shots, I checked my D600 and sure enough I also have scratch mentioned. I shot at F18,20,22 and see only three oil spots on top left. I've not seen any IQ degredation shooting between f1.8-f12 so Im not going to worry about it or should I? I purchased from Amazon and my 30-day window to return will be up next Tuesday.

Mine has very very very very faint marks along that edge too but they are actually not even noticeable unless you really look for them. You can send it in but please keep in mind you will end up with probably a camera that has the same thing more or less and lets not forget you may end up with a more dirty sensor. I personally would leave this alone. I know some people want to send the camera in because of this but to me it is asking for trouble. You may be without your camera for a long time and add to that the repair history on these forums for nikon is questionable at best. I say if it works and takes amazing photos to wait it out. I don’t see this issue as an end all be all and am waiting to see what nikon does for the people that sent the camera in and only time will tell if the "repair" will actually cause other long term issues.

Yeah, after careful consideration & reading this thread more closely, I dont plan on sending it in. As you've stated, the marks on mine are also very very faint and im not seeing IQ degredation at this time.

was just reading a blog post where this guy called nikon and they said they don’t have a known issue and deal with things on a case by case basis.....shocker huh? I have been saying this over and over. Also under the comments the reference is made that the cameras sent in had same issue repeat again. Here is the link:

This is the D7000 dust/oil issue repeated. They may or may not replace anything and at the end you may still have the issue come back as this is a design flaw not just one faulty part. It is an overall design of the mirror box dating back to many models having dust issues. One day Nikon will find a way to resolve this in future designs but until that time, you are going to have this issue show up for a lot of people AT SOME POINT.

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