"Lens I.S. Priority" on E-PL5, allows me to use any Panny OIS lens?

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I don't think the manual is clear on this

Guy Parsons wrote:

ulmer wrote:

It's my understanding that on previous Olympus bodies, if you attached a Panasonic lens with OIS that does not have an OIS on/off switch, the OIS would default to off and there was no way to enable it.

True, all of the earlier Pens and E-M5 are OIS "crippled".

Is this improved on the E-PL5 with the new Lens I.S. Priority setting, meaning does the camera now turn on OIS on these lenses without a switch? Or do you still need to have a lens with a physical OIS on/off switch?

Both E-PM2 & E-PL5 have Custom Menu C - Lens IS Priority "If [On] is selected, priority is given to the lens function operation when using a lens with an image stabilisation function"

See page 73 of the E-PL5 manual, manuals found from http://www.olympus.co.jp/en/support/imsg/digicamera/download/manual/pen.cfm#body (also on page 72 of E-PM2 manual).

I don't have a Panasonic lens with OIS to test. If anyone knows or could try, I'd really appreciate it.

It will work. Nicer of course is a switchable OIS lens so we don't need to menu dive.

Regards........ Guy

I did read the manual prior to posting and this doesn't seem clear to me. I could interpret "priority is given" as -- in body IS automatically becomes disabled, but this doesn't seem to make it clear that OIS on lenses without an on/off switch will be enabled by the camera. This is either a nice shortcut to keep me from having to turn in body IS off only, or it could enable non-switched OIS lenses too.

I'll try to get a hold of an OIS lens and try it out in the next couple days.

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