Is Panasonic Doomed? Massive Losses!!

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Re: Let's cut the politics here, ok?

Abramowitz wrote:

Robby wrote:

I agree, the economy is down all over the world. A global economy, lead by the American economy. My wages have been flat for 3-4 years while my taxes have doubled along with the price of my health care. Fuel prices are largely to blame for inflation too.

Gotta hand it to you, very clever trolling for Romney here. If your wages have not increased "for 3-4 years" (read, during the current administration), then the only way your taxes could have doubled would be for you to have had a big increase in non-wage income. That's because income tax rates have not increased during those years, and I say that as a normally Republican-leaning tax professional. Meaning you're either not telling the truth or not telling the whole truth.

So how about you stop your political propaganda and talk cameras, which is the purpose of this forum? Thank you.

I think that's a bit unfair as there were no politics in this post. He stated his view which also happens to be fact and being experienced by many people all over the world. Fuel prices in particular are a big killer.

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