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Re: Epson 4900 printer stand on Ikea Varde

mobius32 wrote:

This is my inaugural post to DPreview (I can hear the silent applause and I thank you) ... As mentioned by someone one DPR, the 4900 fits on the Ikea Varde. At 147lbs / 67 kgm, the Varde is is very sturdy; of course, you don't have much excess room on the sides and virtually none on the front and back. The Varde does, however, have handy drawers for paper and supplies. Even though Ikea lists the Varde as having a width of nearly 26 inches / 66 cm, you can see that it will hold the 30-inch 4900; the width works just barely, but there is no sense that the printer will fall off or be unbalanced. The other thing that I like about the Varde is that it feels relatively compact, so if your space is limited this might be an option that works for you.

The printer stand for the 4900 is being sold by Epson in Europe but I'm told by Epson that it won't be available in the U.S. (and perhaps other places).

Two things to keep in mind: Ikea makes it seem as if all you need is a screwdriver but, trust me, you will never get the Varde assembled without an electric drill. There were numerous holes that needed to be widened before the screw would fit. Second,the table top is a solid piece of wood; mine lacked any holes where L-brackets help secure the top (don't know if this is a defect particular to my Varde or whether this is what Ikea intended). If yours come with no holes, you will absolutely need a drill to make holes; or, you could forgo using the L-brackets because there are holes at the front of the table. If, like me, you never could get the L-brackets in place, the top is still very sturdy because the 4900 is like a big paperweight. If I owned a drill and similar equipment (and had wood construction experience), this would be no big deal.

I checked out this table in Australia Ikea sell it here for $829 ..we,ve had a ton of issue here with ikea and there price hikes

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