I've decided I need a bigger sensor

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dpalugyay wrote:

I did one of those Photography symposiums put on by Tamron this year. It was for a local airshow, and a buddy and I went for a few hours on a Friday evening to go over composition and technique in a classroom with several dozen people that had signed up. Saturday, we were tasked to go out to the airshow and take photos, submit two favorite photos at the sponsor's tent, then meet up Saturday evening at the business sponsoring the event to cover our experienses.

The room was full of full frame Canons and Nikons. I mean FULL of just Nikons and Canons. Lots of pretty black and white lenses, red and gold rings all laid out like jewelry in front of each participant. Tamron had loaned out all kinds of full frame glass to try to bring in some sales as well. One by one, everyone's photos went up on the screen while the event organizer and the Tamron rep critiquing and getting the opinion of the crowd.

There were lots of prizes to hand out, but the 1st prize was to be a Tamron telephoto stabilized lens. It looked like a fair performer, maybe a bit better that a kit lens. The problem was, it wasn't going to work very well on my Olympus stashed away in my small LowePro bag.

As my photos came up and comments were made and eyebrows raised, noone suspected that in my little LowePro bag was my OMD with the 12mm f2 attached. The one I shot with that day. I didn't think I would stand a chance among the large sensors and glass belonging to 30 other people in that room. As my name was called to come and claim my prize, I was dissapointed that this Tamron lens I had just won was made for another brand of camera, but I was happily convinced that sensor size made no damn difference after that photo contest. I gave the lens to my Canon buddy who sold it and game me back the cash.

Do what you have to do. But please do it for the right reasons or you might be throwing away your hard-earned money on something you really might not need.

Great story.  I would love to see your winning image.  Please share with us!

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