Canon G15 saving .jpg in a much lower quality even than Canon G9?

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Re: Canon G15 saving .jpg in a much lower quality even than Canon G9?

RedFox88 wrote:

Alfamonk wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:
But if you have to ´╗┐zoom´╗┐ into what, 150? 200% on a computer screen view to see this slight difference, that means there is very little difference between the settings is practical usage. I don't consider 200% screen viewing to be an enjoyable way to appreciate photographs, do you?!

I have posted the image zoomed so it can be easier for you to spot the difference. While viewing them side by side on a 30" monitor, in a glance you can see the Superfine one has more details than the more compressed one.

So you still didn't tell how far you zoomed in. It is certainly past 100%. Again, if you have to zoom into 150 to 200% view to see differences, the differences when enjoying these photographs at an appreciable viewing distance will be nil.

I disagree, zooming in to say 300% to make it very easy for someone to see the actual difference does not suggest that one must either look at these magnified levels or must crop a portion of the image and then enlarge that portion in order to see the negative impact of less well defines lines, color transitions etc.

Sometimes a picture just 'pops' where as other times it might just sit there...looking very closely might reveal why that it.


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