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Re: Voigtlander 28 f/2.8

Lilgish44 wrote:

gatorowl wrote:

Although I do see softness in the corners, it isn't something that I can't work with; YMMV.

The distortion seems to be a more significant problem for me.

Thank you for the link. I do not see much distortion in these shots. Some of them show more blueish CA in the corners than I like though. Bokeh looks pretty good in the shot with the fence.

I think I was fooled by the picture of the building facade with the green & white striped awning.  The awing FRAME is actually bowed rather than distorted.

I'm pretty impressed with this lens and its performance on the D800.  I've been looking for a pancake lens for my D5100 to make it small enough to carry all the time. If the lens does this well on a D800, it should be more than adequate for my purposes.

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