From NEX 7 to OMD EM5

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Re: From NEX 7 to OMD EM5

amvrvd wrote:

DaveWo wrote:

In terms of image quality, Sony NEX 7 is better. No? Lenses may be lacking at this point (not sure).

I don't mean to give the same defensive cliche answer every fanboy gives in this forum but this time it's needed IMO. If you're under the assumption or have been lead to believe that the NEX7 is better solely because of sensor size then you need to go out and try both or read the gazillion reviews out there.

The Nex7 gives no better IQ than the Em-5, the NEX5N might do a little better, but the 24Mpx do more harm than good to the NEX7 because a) it'll be hard to find a lens that will resolve such resolution b) pixel size/performance is comparable to E-M5 if not less and finally c) IQ is not dependent on sensor size only, it depends on firmware, circuitry technology and lens quality too, some of which Sony lags behind IMO, so no, a Nex 7 won't necessarily do better. Oh and BTW, the EM-5 uses a sony sensor (contrary to what some buffoons still denial believe) so at this point the choice lies mostly on lens selection, body types and features, not performance.

The E-M5 gives you access to a mature lens catalog, some semi pro features (WS, IBIS, grips,etc) while the NEX 7 only gives you an awesome RF style camera with some (VERY) cool gimmicks (where's my sweep pano olympus !?).

I absoluely disagree with u. I used to have both machine. OMD lose in color accuracy and white balance a lot. Glasses like Zeiss & Leica are cool on the 24MP!

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