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Re: Reply from Olympus Support Re. Wet Cleaning

Joseph T Lewis III wrote:

I wasn't aware that I had an email from Olympus support in my inbox when I made my previous post, so please what may appear to be inconsistencies between it and this more current posting.

Here's what I asked Olympus support this morning, followed by their reply back to me. Note that at least some of them monitor DPReview; that's a good thing. It shows they care what their customers are saying.

I wrote:

Question: Can you tell me if it is possible for an individual to "wet clean" the sensor of their E-M5? And, if they do, does it void their warranty? I read on the DPReview Micro Four Thirds forum that the sensor moves around due to the way it is connected to the stabilization system, making it risky if not impossible to clean the sensor. I ask this because I am seriously considering buying an E-M5. Thanks for your help.

They sent me an email back with the following response this afternoon:

Dear Joseph,

I saw that thread on DPReview this morning. The sensor should not be "wet cleaned" or touched by anything. The sensor floats in a magnetic field and moving the sensor with any object can damage the image stabilization assembly. It should be cleaned by a qualified Olympus repair technician.

I also noted someone suggested using a Q-Tip. While cotton may feel soft, the fibers are actually very coarse and may act like a very fine form of steel wool.

Olympus Imaging America

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Pentax's sensors also float on a magnetic field and I have had no problem wet cleaning any of my camera's.

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