O.T. Landscape Photographer of the year pics. (UK Daily Telegraph.)

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Re: O.T. Landscape Photographer of the year pics. (UK Daily Telegraph.)

ukchris wrote:

News of the disqualification here:-


It still doesn't explain what he did so I am none the wiser. There was an aniversary edition of the 'Amateur Photographer' published about 8 years ago, in which famous turn of the century pictures (1900s) of lifeboat rescue and later WWI soldeirs disembarking and 'action' shots from trench warfare were composited from multiple images and heavy hand-manipulation and were considered quite acceptable.

Film was no more guarantee of authenticity than is Digital. Suppose a war artist, poet or painter publishes their work, do we expect the absolute documentary evidence? Surely. by now, digital only needs to be compared with digital and any restriction on the artist's input is an as much an artificial construct as it would be with any other art.

In this case, it's Lanscape photography - not forensic evidence! For my own taste I like the end result to LOOK like a photograph rather than a computer graphic, but that's a personal choice.

Interesting debate available!

Cheers, Tony.

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