How is the 16-50 kit lens with NEX-5(N) and NEX-7 ?

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re: in my book the 10-18 is S's last chance to make things "click" together...

technic wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

the triad of Zeiss new primes in E-mount was said to be here by March 2013, perhaps they might save the game, as it is a real shame that there are so far no lenses to match excellence of the latest sensors from S;

IMHO the Zeiss primes are too expensive and too much niche product to save the NEX for those who want good optical quality. If the rumors of outsourcing all NEX lenses to Tamron etc. are true that doesn't bode well for the NEX lens line quality, I'm afraid.

lets hope not indeed, I'd much prefer to see a deluge of Zuikos, even if I don't have anything against Tammy (although I did buy and promptly returned some in my a bit distant past). However, I'm not with you on Zeiss primes (nor zooms for that matter), lets remember that they would be Zeiss-JP not Zeiss-DE, so also priced accordingly lower, or at least they should be :),

recently I'm more and more inclined to think that it might be better for everyone involved... if S. will give up on producing any lenses altogether - where they suck, and concentrate solely on designing/making bodies & sensors - their true area of excellence.

yes, would be great if Sony and Olympus work together in future: let Olympus provide the NEX with great optics, and let Sony teach Olympus something about innovative and compact design, production and marketing. They both could learn a lot from each other - but I'm afraid it's not going to happen, because that would mean even more competition between m43 and NEX.

there are only two barriers to much more widespread use of APS-C MILCs, both "made" by their respective producers (Sony, Ricoh, Samsung, etc.): either the lack of adequate number of high-quality glass (Sony) and/or built-in EVFs (Ricoh, Samsung), AND the lack of world-class AF (Sony, Samsung, Ricoh - none have it yet, all they offer is an erzatz-AF on crutches, or at best through some cludgy adapters);

And not just for NEX, I would also love to see some kind of cross between RX100 and XZ-2

no experience there at all = too small sensors


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