The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: More or less my story too.

So far no proof of this issue having a connection to dust or oil and if so I am going to assume that nikon has probably been made well aware of it. As much as they are awre of the left focus issue on the d800, 10 pin issue on d800. Also d7000/d3/d300 and d600 dust/oil issue. If you are worried about it and have the marks send in your camera if it is an issue and see what parts are replaced. Also keep in mind if it is a design flaw, you will never hear about them admiting it but rather doing what nikon does best "silent repairs". One check of Nikon usa's website and no service bulletins at all for d600, d800 or d7000. So they telling us everything is fine? No issues at all? Nothing?

I am at 900+ shutter counts and have 1 dust spot that shows up in very light areas at even f4.5 and no scratches that i see on that lower plate. I am going to leave it alone for now. Will clean the sensor if and when it becomes a real issue. Also will not send in the camera unless one day the scratches start to actually show up and also impact my images and at that point it may be upgrade time anyway. I am just not going to go nuts trying to sort this out unless it keeps me from doing my job with this camera. I also dont want my camera taken apart and sent back to me unless it is the last option I have. The camera is taking amazing images and that is all I need. Not going to go crazy over any of this.

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