D800 > number serial 3055000 with problems?

Started Nov 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: D800 > number serial 3055000 with problems?

saikou wrote:

Someone with problems?

If you got the number "3055000" from what Thom Hogan previously wrote, he revised that :

Update: after being challenged on this, I went back and carefully looked at my data and notes. I'm not sure where the extra 5 came in; probably a typo I didn't catch while updating the site while traveling. Trying to figure out an exact number from anecdotal data is not simple. I've seen many reports of problems with "new" bodies still in the 304xxxx numbers, and none in the 305xxxx numbers. Now that everyone's checking cameras, I'm also seeing "bad focus" reports that are clearly not the left sensor alignment problem.


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