Leica Lenses by release date

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Leica Lenses by release date

I am planning to supplement my Nikon and Canon (compact) kit with the Leica M I've always wanted.

I've already decided to buy a Noctilux and the new 50mm summicron. I intend to carry the Noctilux at night and use the 'cron as my walk-around standard.

I'd also like to buy a 35mm, perhaps the 75mm and maybe something wider. I intend to use the M as my walk-around camera. Like my current Cannon compact, I'll take it everywhere.

Gven the investment I don't want to buy buy lenses likely to be replaced in the short term. Is there an online resource that'll show me when lenses were announced by Leica so I can get a sense of their age?

I know Leica lenses are great and don't go off, but I'm also spending real money and am aware that the newest glass is the best glass ever made by Leica. I see this lens kit as a 20+ year investment. Hopefully more.

Is the 35 lux long in the tooth and likely to get a serious upgrade soon like the 50? Is the 75 lux worth it? To me that's a portrait length but Leica glass is so fast perhaps the separation offered by the 50 will be enough?

Does anyone see a case for the 50 lux as well as the Noctilux and the 'cron?

Finally I've read great things about the tri-Elmar but haven't used the 21mm. Any comparison with Nikon's 24g?

My friends who shoot Leica all have older lenses. I love the system but would appreciate thoughts on the latest versions.

(Forgive the typos. Blame my iPad)

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