Lens suggestions: Nepal and India Holiday

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Peter Vaktor Senior Member • Posts: 1,083
Re: Lens suggestions: Nepal and India Holiday

Albert Ang wrote:

Thanks Peter Vaktor for reply, but i'm not a big fan of all-round zoom - it's jack of all trade but master of none. I'm afraid, after the trip, I will never use it anymore.

I must disagree on that point. The 14-140 is arguablly one of the best lenses in the Panasonic Lumix lineup. Mine is sharp from wide to tele, fast silent AF, and excellent build quality. For travel, its range is most versatile and the advantage of not having to lug around and change lenses for me outweighs any pixel level IQ difference it may have when compared to a prime lens. The only drawback is that it is not a fast lens and therefore I usually also carry the 25 mm 1.4 for low light.


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