Longer weather sealed tele lens?

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Re: I've sworn off wishing for vaporware

oaksbill wrote:

I totally agree. Any quality fast prime between 200mm and 300mm would keep me happy for taking wildlife. I refuse to carry a big heavy rucksack and neither have I got 5K that the wife doesn't know about.

I,ll second that, especially if it were f4. Hopefully Panasonic will deliver on the 150mm f1.8 and someone makes a 1.4x or 2x extender. With a 2x extender this would be approximately 300mm f3.5.

The last few days I have been going out with the 45-200. Its been at full stretch all the time so I might as well go for a prime. Neither am I impressed with its IQ when wide open. I am even considering going for an adapter and a good legacy 200ish prime. Anyone got any suggestions until the vapourware becomes reality?

I decided to fill the gap until m43 delivers a prime lens in this focal length range with a Canon fd 200mm f2.8 legacy lens (cost 85$ on KEH (bgn rated)). I also have the 2x extender for it, this gives me a 400mm f5.6 (800´╗┐mm FF equiv).

Canon fd 200mm f2.8 and 2x teleconverter

Here is a photo with the teleconverter attached (800mm 35mm equiv) tripod mounted. I can use it hand-holding (without extender) on my G3, although it is "front heavy" but manageable. On a tripod of course it is no problem.

Osprey Fledgling

Regards, Jim

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