Reluctantly returning 16-50 (not a short post)

Started Nov 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: worlds' smallest APS-C 16-50 brick wall image lacks tech info

What a misguided and rude post. Laurie took time out of her way to shoot examples and write a mini-review for a lens/body combination that many of us are interested in. She noted the positive and negative points of the lens as it relates to her own shooting style and workflow. She took care to make it a personal evaluation and noted that the lens did not meet her own personal standard of usefulness.  There was no "Sony failed us OH NOES" type of aspersion-casting, but a fairly objective evaluation, which is much appreciated.

Your response comes off as fanboy reactionism, which is completely inappropriate and unnecessary given that she seems to be a NEX advocate anyway.

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